Thunder on The Cumberland 2017

Thunder on The Cumberland 2017
June 17 – 18 2017
Downtown Nashville

The iconic Thunder on the Cumberland F1 Series Powerboat Championship features some of the fastest boats in the world carving a 3 mile loop on the Cumberland River. A new tradition for Nashville, this three day festival features the summer’s best: ice cold beer, food trucks, family fun, and the southern hospitality you love on Lower Broadway. 

Thunder on the Cumberland 2017


The crafts:

Toyota Thunder on the Cumberland features some of the fastest boats in the world.

The Drivers

F1 Powerboats: F1 Powerboats are some of the biggest, most powerful outboard engines in Powerboat Racing. Most of these boats go from 0 to 100 in 6 seconds and can turn on a dime (generating 5 times the force of earth’s gravity when they do!) all while literally flying across the surface of the water on a thin cushion of air..the only part of the boat that’s actually in the water is the propeller!


Tri-Hulls are just old-school awesome. Based on 1970’s era production boats, these small open-cockpit boats with supersized engines thrive in rough water, speeding into and out of turns with amazing agility.

The Course

Drivers will race bridge to bridge in a 3 mile loop between Lower Broadway and Nissan Stadium.

Thunder on the Cumberland 2017

What’s Cookin’ Nashville

Puckett’s Downtown Nashville

Downtown Nashville – Open Daily 7 am
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Puckett's 5th and Church Nashville TN

Menu Items and Specials

The Puckett’s roots go way back to the 1950s and a little grocery store in the village of Leiper’s Fork, Tenn. Ever since then, Puckett’s has been focused on providing friends new and old with great food and Southern hospitality. When it comes down to it, Puckett’s is a community kitchen, with live pickin’ performances just a few feet from your table. Authentic comfort food—barbecue smoked slow ‘n’ low over cherry wood, the home-cooked sides, even a few upscale dishes is what we aim for you to remember.

The Beginning

Founded by the Puckett family decades ago, the namesake country store served communities in rural Tennessee for years. It was a place to grab the week’s groceries or a fill a tank of gas — but it was also a gathering spot in Leiper’s Fork for many decades.

The Marshalls Buy Puckett’s

Andy Marshall grew up in the grocery business. When he launched his own career in the industry at the age of 26, it led to the entrepreneur owning several Piggly Wiggly stores across the Southeast.

In the mid-1990s, Marshall’s love of food, music and community began to steer him in a different direction. His desire was to serve one small town with just one store, where he could also offer home-cooked family recipes to the community he was serving. So in 1998, he decided to sell all of his stores and purchase a little gem in the heart of Leiper’s Fork. That gem was Puckett’s Grocery.

Grocery Turned Restaurant + Music Venue

In 2002, Andy transformed the grocery into a restaurant and music venue. dining experience and music programs. The menus boasted of both the store and the Marshall’s Tennessee heritage, with Puckett’s own special spin. And though most of our friends swear by the barbecue, Puckett’s really built its name on the live talent and songwriters that began performing on the small stage. It began to not be so unusual for the comfort food to be accompanied with the guy who wrote “The Gambler” — or have Lady Antebellum appear on stage, because that’s happened too.

Downtown Franklin

In 2004, another opportunity was presented to Andy: to expand Puckett’s to his hometown and the beloved community of Historic Downtown Franklin, Tenn. At the heart of Puckett’s is a desire to cultivate community and create an authentic experience for locals and visitors alike — making downtown Franklin the perfect fit.

Downtown Nashville

In 2010, Andy opened the restaurant in downtown Nashville. Significantly larger than the Franklin location, Puckett’s 5th & Church has a bigger stage for musicians, seats up to 150 guests, and provides a large stock of supplies and groceries for downtown dwellers. Today the Nashville restaurant has become a favorite amongst the locals as well as those visiting Music City. The restaurant serves as a sought-after destination for live music, down-home cookin’ and the quintessential Southern experience!

Puckett’s Trolley

Puckett’s launched a food truck eatery — affectionately nicknamed Ms. Trolley Parton by her fans — in 2012, offering made-to-order bites from a renovated and historic mobile venue. All of Ms. Parton’s food comes with the special Puckett’s stamp, though some of her dishes are signature items. Be sure to follow the trolley on Twitter @puckettstrolley!

Puckett’s Boat House

In 2012, Andy landed on another amazing opportunity to open a second restaurant in Franklin, and developed the family’s first seafood concept in the Puckett’s Boat House. The grill and oyster bar menu offers by-the-shore dishes reminiscent of the Gulf coast and the Big Easy, plus Southern staples that draw from the Marshall family’s Mississippi Delta and Memphis roots. The Boat House offers the Puckett’s trademark Southern flare and reputation for a live music venue — both with a Boat House twist. Learn more at

Downtown Columbia

In 2013, Andy opened the third Puckett’s location in downtown Columbia, Tenn. The former factory and warehouse building measures more than 26,000 square feet, and includes a second-floor event space that exceeds 8,000 square feet. The concept for a Puckett’s on the city’s Public Square was a project several years in the making, and the three-story interior offers the same home-cooked meals and live entertainment it’s built its name on.

Downtown Chattanooga

In 2014, Andy announced Puckett’s opening on Chattanooga’s Riverfront District, which overlooks the Tennessee Aquarium. With its strong sense of community and personal family memories—and connections—in River City, it was the ideal city for the company’s first expansion outside of Middle Tennessee. After nearly a year rehabilitating the space and working with leaders at Chattanooga’s non-profit economic development organization River City Co. to find the building, the restaurant is the largest location to date. New dishes, including the Honey Bun Bread Pudding featuring the Little Debbie® classic, were added to the menu in honor of Chattanooga.

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