Cool! A drive-in Theater Downtown Nashville

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This immersive theater artist is recreating a massive 1960s drive-in in the middle of Nashville

Drive-in movies may feel like part of a bygone era, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate an indoor version of one. All you need is a giant movie screen, 50 classic cars, some full-sized trees, grass, gravel pathways, and a 40,000-square-foot air-supported dome. Those are some of the ingredients going into “August Moon Drive-In,” an immersive entertainment project from producer Michael Counts—who is known for such immersive attractions as “The Walking Dead Experience.” For this one, Counts wants to give visitors the full experience of an American drive-in movie, circa 1965, down to every last detail—including the comfort food and fireflies. He’s enlisted the help of theatrical artists and park designers to create the project in downtown Nashville. It doesn’t open until the second quarter of next year, but we got a look at some early specs.

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